Friday, 6 March 2009

Thinking about it.....

....I have never really talked about my fibro in my blog until this evening when I was filling in my profile.

I found some very talented peeps (who's work really is quite breathtaking) and added myself as a follower! I will get the hang of this blogging lark soon. Anyway, everyone else had details in their profiles, and mine was soooooo blank.

I don't really talk about having fibro. I moan about the pain on occasion but having fibro was a cloud with a silver lining. If I didn't have it I would never have had to give up work - so I never would have taken the plunge and started Kay Dees Crafts. Hmmm. Would I rather not have fibro? Damn right! but I do and dwelling on it won't change anything or ease the pain.

I had the well meaning 'try yoga' comment a few weeks ago. Off I popped and bought a yoga DVD. I managed approximately 6 minutes of the DVD before my body told me 'keep this up and I will REALLY hurt you'. I listen to my body, sometimes its right :-) The after effects though were almost enough to put me off it for life!! Almost a week of excrutiating pain that no amount of pain relief would ease.

So my exercise is walking my dogs. It hurts but I love being out with them. Regardless of where we are or what the weather is like they never fail to make me smile with ther antics.

For those more interested in fibro visit my Living with Fibromyalgia warned though - get a coffee and make sure you are comfortable as there is quite a fair bit of reading in there!

Well this is not me working is it? I have managed to add about 200 products on Kay Dees Crafts so far.......only another 800+ to go!!!

Happy Crafting


Autumn Rose Crafts said...

Hi Karen,
Im so glad you stopped by and followed my blog, you are so talented to create such beauty, im praying you stay out of pain and away from yoga :) (I cant find your follow box so please stay in touch) Sarah xxx

Karen said...

Hi Sarah

Wow that was quick...I had only just found you :)

I have added a followers box - I will keep in contact with you as I am looking for inspirational crafters to point my buyers to.

Your stuff is truly gorgeous and I am envious LOL

Have a peaceful eveing

Karen xx

Autumn Rose Crafts said...

Hello Karen,

Im following! lol, glad you sorted that.
I love the new blog design, well done, gorgeous!

Thankyou for your lovely comments about my work, such a compliment coming from someone so gifted.
Take good care,
Sarah xx