Monday, 23 November 2009

Smirk Christmas Sale!

It's almost Christmas! Where has this year gone?

As we get into the Christmas spirit here at Kay Dees Crafts, we are currently offering 15% off Smirk Christmas products - excluding the wooden stamp range.

We have had 2 lucky winners so far in our Christmas competitions. The current competition for a Bumper value pack of Christmas cardmaking goodies runs until the 30th November. Surprisingly we have had LOTS of wrong answers so far!

Our Christmas and New Year break is being planned but the weather may sadly influence our usual destination in the Lake District. My heart goes out to all the people affected by the terrible flooding and I hope that the waters recede quickly and that further rain holds off.

We were quite surprised at the massive price jump for accomodation this year so we have decided to hire a transit van instead. I will most definately miss the real fire of a cottage but I am sure we will find many local 'inns' with roaring fires to sit beside instead. However it is not too late for us to cancel the van booking if anyone can point us in the direction of a cottage with realistic prices that will accept the dogs!

Until next time

Happy Crafting!

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Oh Happy Day!

Royal Mail strikes have been called off!

This is fantastic news for us here at Kay Dees Crafts, and also for you our buyers. Business can now get back to usual in the run up to Christmas.

I don’t know if there are many people like me, but I detest shopping - particularly at this time of year. Shopping on the internet has made it a much more enjoyable experience where you can browse at leisure, without doing your hair, sat comfortable with a cup of coffee. No argy bargy over the last Terrys chocolate orange, no damaged ankles and a lot less stress too!

The past couple of months have been difficult with intermittent mail services but I am sure Royal Mail workers will clear the backlog quickly and get back to collecting and delivering our mail with their usual speed and efficiency soon..

I wish I could thank the TUC representative for pouring oil on these troubled waters, I doubt I would be writing this blog entry without him.

If my hips could manage it I would be doing a jig right now!

Oh Happy Day indeed!