Friday, 13 March 2009

All work and no play makes Kay....

....very tired!

I must admit to being a bit remiss these past couple of days. I have not kept up with the blog, nor even twittered (which is 140 characters!)

Christmas did not just consist of 2 deliveries....make that 4. Plus one due in from the USA and another 2 due next week! I have barely had time to get the boxes unpacked before the next lot arrives.

The past couple of days we have been busy rearranging stock and cutting ribbon. We now have over 60 different designs in our wire edged range.

We sell these in 2 metre and 5 metre lengths as our target audience are card makers and scrapbookers. I think I have managed to load about 10 of our designs.......this is just sooooooooo time consuming. Forget the Easter Bunny and chocolate, please can I have a website bunny :) Anyway a few of our ribbons, soon to be added to Kay Dees Crafts

So now I have written an advertisement rather than a blog post, I shall toddle off back to the shop and get stacking those shelves!!
Oh and if anyone can tell me how I centralise my pictures on my categories page I would be eternally grateful!
Happy Crafting

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