Thursday, 26 March 2009

Life at Kay Dees Crafts this week

What a week!

I am paying the price for my mad frenzy last week. Fibromyalgia is not a forgiving illness when you overdo it. I was actually quite frightened for a couple of days, especially over the weekend, as I seemed to lose the ability to grip things....I have broken a few mugs and glasses :( I am now just getting past the pins and needles stage in my hands but it still hurts like a hurting thing on a hurting day. Fellow fibro sufferers will also know that with the pain comes problems sleeping, with the lack of sleep comes more pain and you end up on the fibro merry go round. Well it can stop now please as I want to get off!

I have taken some time out and rather than try to list 100+ things a day on the website, manage Ebay sales, clean house, cook dinner, wash clothes etc etc I have been taking the evenings off and watching some DVDs. Although I am only running at about 75% I am in a better place than I was pain wise. I have set a daily target for 20 listings on the website and managing Ebay sales. Husband and son are now doing the cooking, cleaning and washing - whether they like it or not :)

It is all well and good thinking you are Superwoman, but reality is a b*tch!

Website is coming on slowly but surely, lots of feedback from my lovely buyers which is always welcomed. My embellishment tins are now all listed and they have proved to be really popular.

Laura Ashley embellishment tins are full of designer accessories including over 130 double sided chipboards, a selection of unique fibres and 8 pots of glass beads, all based around the Connemara colours and themes.The chipboards include images taken from the Connemara theme, plus alphabet tokens too, colour co-ordinated to match the rest of the designer range.
All contained within a stylish printed storage tin with handle.

The ever popular Retro Floral range has a matching embellishment tin too. I am running this, the Masculine and also the Glamour tins on special offer at the moment. Although these tins only contain the chipboards and not the beads and fibres, they are still fantastic value for money at £3.99.

I have just started listing my new delivery of mini craft buttons. The majority of our micro buttons are 6mm..yesterday we had some arrive that are 4mm!! They are TINY:

Anyway this is not me listing some buttons is it? Hubby is working this evening, son has just informed me he is cooking dinner for us both :) I am a seriously lucky woman despite my little whinge about the physical (and mental!) limits I now face.

Take care of yourselves and Happy Crafting!


Nita Joy said...

Hi Karen,

I know exactly what you mean in terms of how fibromyalgia affects everything. As well as the fibromyalgia I have rheumatoid Arthritis and one of the main reasons why I started my craft business. I have been to London this week and can barely move. I hope things ease for you and have to say I love your business and wish you all the best.
Take care Anitax

Karen said...

Hi Anitax

It is amazing how many people I talk to that started crafting or started a craft business because of Fibro or RA.

I am so sorry to hear that you have both - that must be really tough. I tried to have a look at your profile on here so I could see your business but there is nothing listed.

Crafting seems to be very popular with sufferers...maybe because it is hard to craft and not get a sense of achievement, even for the small things?

I hope your pain eases and wish you all the best too.

Take gentle care of yourself


Nita Joy said...

Hi Karen,

Thanks for your message :0)
Just to let you know that I have checked my profile. For some reason it was switched off. Sorry about that. It is available now :0)

Yes it is certainly amazing how many people who have Fibro or/and RA are involved with crafts. I find it relaxing and quite healing in a way if that makes sense.

Take care

Karen said...

Hi Anita

What beautiful cards and images! I shall be adding you to my list of favourites.

I am not surprised you find crafing healing working with nature as you do! Your photographs are stunning and I shall be looking to see if you have a red and white rose together as I just spotted a couple of pinks - hubby is from Yorkshire and I am from Lancashire so they kind of sum us up :)

Karen x

Nita Joy said...

Hi Karen, me again :0)

Thanks so much for your lovely comments about my cards, really kind of you.

I don't at the moment have a red and white rose together, but if you would like a card created for you at any time..I can easily make one for you :0)

I really love hearing everyone's favourite flowers with the many reasons behind them. It is really inspiring and love the creativity in finding new ways of adding various flowers to my portfolio.

It really is lovely 'meeting you' and look forward to getting to know you through your blog and on Twitter.

Take care

Anita x