Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Feels like Christmas!

I get so excited when my deliveries arrive. It is very rare that I don't have a new product within those dull, brown cardboard boxes.

I rip them open and throw the packaging around like it's wrapping paper on Christmas Day rummaging throughout the contents until I find my 'surprises'.

Today I have been spoilt. 2 deliveries with new 'stuff'. One package I have been waiting for with baited breath for over a month....it was worth the wait!

I always look out for new products that are different from the normal craft ranges available online. I found Design House quite by accident, and I am not disappointed at all with the quality of their products. I find it very comforting to source products that are designed and made here in the UK.

We now have 9 new 6 x 6 paper stacks from Design House listed at Kay Dees Crafts, and they are gorgeous! Heavyweight 180gsm premium papers in some seriously cute designs:

I am still awaiting the last 3 designs in the range but hopefully they will be here with me very soon!
So now I have shared my excitement of this package, it is back to my next package which is in no means any less exciting for me. Oh happy days :)
Happy Crafting!

We now have the full range available from Paper House - delivery number 2 arrived :)

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Autumn Rose Crafts said...

I know the feeling, I can hardly wait for postie to arrive when I am expecting a parcel! Just off to check out those lovely new designs Sarah x