Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Is it really that time!??

Its past 1am....

Had a long day today rephotographing craft buttons (well some of them) but I do think the end results have been worthwhile. I have also opted for the lightbox to show the enlarged photos, after much urging from Dean who thinks 'its ace'. It is, admittedly, particularly good at highlighting the detail on our fabric stickers.

I have been playing with the site options for buyers, hopefully I am getting it right! I have now added available quantities and also a back button to make the site easier to browse. Although they are subtle changes we do think they are important.

I am debating on the customer reviews that are at the bottom of our product descriptions. Dean thinks its a yes, I am still at the maybe stage. Be nice to hear our buyers views on this one.

The dogs have got it right - they are both fast asleep next to me on the sofa! Time we were hitting the sack too. Another long day tomorrow with the site and also deliveries of new product ranges arriving too! I will pop an update on here, but do look out for the new ranges at Kay Dees Crafts.

So its good night from him

and goodnight from her

Happy Crafting!

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