Monday, 22 June 2009

Just William

William is a very cute, patched donkey from Design House Papercraft.
Here at Kay Dees Crafts we have William in two designs - By the Pond and Over the Stile.
Sue turned her hand to William Over the Stile in this gorgeous waterfall card, using a square blank card with the smaller of the two waterfall designs.
  1. Cover blank card with a sheet of paper from the Dovecraft Designer Retro Floral paper pack. Sue is a big fan of the Dovecraft adhesive gemstones and has added these onto the backing paper as the flower centres.
  2. Sue used two sheets of paper from the handmade paper stacks in red and also green as contrasting mounts on this card. (The beauty of using these packs as mounts is that they are already cut into handy sizes - Sue simply trimmed the green paper with edging scissors.)
  3. Wrap and tie co-ordinating cardmaking ribbon around the front of the card. Sue chose the light blue for this William card.
  4. Cut out and 'assemble' the waterfall design* following the instructions on each sheet. Mount the completed waterfall design onto the card using green brads from the Dovecraft neutral pack. * You may want to stamp the underside of the waterfall tabs with a pale design as they can look out of place being plain white.
  5. Add your insert and sign the back of the card.
These beautiful cards cascade from one picture into another with a gentle pull on the bottom tab.

Highly addictive to make and beautiful to receive.

Happy Crafting!

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