Thursday, 17 July 2008


I woke up this morning and switched the PC on as usual.

I had a very sad message from a lady who lives in Spain. On Ebay I have created a page to try and describe fibromyalgia and how if affects me. I did not want it to be all doom and gloom but a way to show fellow sufferers that they are not going mad, the pain is real but you can work through it and around it. Anyway back to the lady who wrote to me. This lady has had several operations, both hips replaced and lives on pain killers. Her pain is undoubtedly worse than I suffer but she still continues to fight and live life as normal as possible.

Everyday I see or hear of people fighting pain, discomfort and disability to live a 'normal' life.

Another lady was in a horrific car accident last year that has meant she has had to give up work. Not content with sitting alone everyday whilst her children are at school and her husband is at work, she has decided to start her own business making handmade cards, wedding stationery and other crafts. As well as being very good at what she does, it is also a form of therapy (although she may not even realise it yet). Crafting takes your mind elsewhere and focuses you on other things. I am helping this lady get to where I am now. I have given her advice and encouragement and in return I have her friendship and trust. How wonderful is that!?

Another of my customers is a very talented, compassionate and dedicated crafter who helps others to express their thoughts and feelings through art and crafts. Whenever I have goods that I feel would be helpful I package them up and send them off to her.

In my attempt to help I have decided to use my own website to help promote fellow crafters. Be they disabled mentally or physically, looking for a new source of income or just crafting because they love it. The UK is filled with many talented people, courageous people and thoroughly NICE people.

Our communities are slowly eroding and people are becoming more and more isolated. Being online is a terrific way to get support and encouragement from other people you may not otherwise ever get the chance to meet. So for people like Patricia, Denny, Mel, Tamsin and many many others long may we continue to craft, share and discover.

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Tamsin said...

Hi Karen,

Just a little note to say love your blog (and your website but you know that!)

I've taken the plunge and just set up my own blog, I'm building it at the moment but take a look and let me know what you think!

Crafters are a kind and happy bunch and luckily the UK is full of us!

Take care,

Tamsin x