Saturday, 19 July 2008

Using Craftime Creative Charms

When you think of charms you think of jewellery. You may imagine Charm bracelets with multiple charms, each having its own special story or, you may think of a single charm hanging from a necklace.

While these two are probably the more popular uses of charms, they are not the only ones by far.

Creative Charms have gained in popularity for their wide range of uses. Creative Charms are very high quality, three dimensional metal charms with intricate detailing. All Creative Charms come with a metal fixing ring and many pieces come with beautifully coloured enamel and inlaid crystals as shown below.

Many people passionate about crafts have found various ways of using charms besides the typical ones. Charms can be used for adding a special touch when card making , on bookmarks, in scrapbook pages, as mobile phone embellishments, adding to home soft furnishings (they can even be put onto curtain tie backs),as wine glass charms …..the list could go on and on!

Scrapbooking is a very popular past time. Hours are spent making the family pictures reflect the emotions felt the day they were taken. By placing a charm of a swimsuit next to the page with your child's first visit to the beach, or a love heart next to the picture of you and your partner you will add that little bit of sparkle needed to complete the page.

If you are looking for a unique fund raiser, think about using Creative Charms. You will find that the added touch of Creative Charms will increase the appeal of your product and will, in turn, increase the amount of money you earn for your cause.

I have one customer that adds Creative Charms to handmade mobile phone ‘socks’, another that uses Creative Charms in tiny bracelets for Reborn babies and yet another who used Creative Charms on literally everything for her Wedding Day, from the invitations to the beautiful handcrafted vellum wine glass tealight shades.

Charms can be used in or on anything that your creative imagination can come up with.

It is important to keep in mind, no matter what the craft is or what charm is used, that the charm is lead free. Lead has been found in imported charms. Please make sure that you know where your charms came from and that they are free of lead.

Creative Charms are all lead free.

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