Monday, 30 June 2008

I knew it!

I knew it. I knew I would not be able to keep up with a blog!

I have almost finished stocking the webstore...or rather I had almost finished until I bought more stock. Then of course I opened another shop, this time on Ebid which of course also needs stocking. I really should just concentrate on one thing at a time before jumping into anything else.

I had my first sale from Kay Dees which was fantastic. More exciting than my first sale as a business. I have no idea how my buyer found me, but find me she did! I was a little confused at first as there was no indication from my Paypal payment received email that the sale was from my webshop. I really must find a way of seperating the email accounts through Paypal so I will know who is buying what from where. Ebay is easy as you have a title and item number. I have yet to make a sale on Ebid so do not know how those invoices will come through.

Maybe I am trying to run before I can walk?

Dean took a week off work and has made some fantastic chalkboards.

Kay Dees was originally about us selling our own handcrafted items but we have not had the time to work on our own creations. I bought Dean a mini router and he has been like a dog with 2 tails! He worked really hard and we have managed to finish 15 chalkboards. I have not put them for sale anywhere except our Ebay shop for now as the more experienced shop owners I talk to tell me summer is usually quiet for sales.

I wish that I could earn enough money from Kay Dees for him to give up work and for both of us to concentrate on making our items, but that is not possible at the moment nor for the foreseeable future. I spend hours sat at the PC tweaking and refining item details, making cushions, mobile phone charms and spending money on yet more stock in the hope that it will one day be possible.......

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