Friday, 23 May 2008

Cushions currently available

Starting a business selling your own handmade cushions is hard work!

Unless you sew at the speed of light there are never enough for sale. My ideas for new cushions are not always practical and I have learned never to sew with metallic thread unless there is absolutely NO other option available. I also create at least a dozen designs for every one I actually sew. But to sew and also manage 2 online shops at the same time...there just isn't enough hours in the day!

I love sewing my designs and seeing them take shape but with only a limited few available I knew I had to bulk out the things I sell.

My idea for selling charms came from making cushions. I wanted to add something to them that showed they were handmade. Trawling through the millions of charms available was daunting to say the least. Until I found Craftime. Their Creative Charms were just what I was looking for. They are high quality and so easy to work with.

Then of course came the hanging hearts and lavender bags. I needed some ribbon to finish them off and finding high quality ribbon was a lot harder than I imagined! Until I discovered Berisfords and Club Green.

To finish off some of my cushions and hangers I also wanted buttons...back to Craftime. Wow what an assortment of buttons to choose from.

You can see how Kay Dee's progressed from a tiny shop selling a dozen cushions to a small shop selling cushions, hangers, ribbons, charms and craft buttons!

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