Friday, 23 May 2008

My first Blog post!

I have absolutely no idea why I am doing a blog.

I was never one for keeping a diary or even keeping tabs on special events....all of my friends can confirm I have no memory for birthdates or special events.

What on earth will I write about everyday or every week?

Do people really want to know how long I was out walking my dogs for and where we went? Do they want to know how many trips to the Post Office I have made...delivering small packets to people I have little or no knowledge about?

I work from home so have no office gossip to share, nor insider knowledge to pass on. I can comment about my neighbours activities, but as I have no interest in what they are doing or indeed why they are doing it why would someone else?

I do not frequent bars, clubs or restaurants so cannot pass on pictures of people doing silly things because of the amount of alcohol they have consumed. (Although I do have several photographs and a long memory for events of this nature from my younger days.)

My lovelife although very fulfilling to me is of little consequence to anyone else. I am in love with one man who is in love with me. Nothing seedy or torrid about us, we just love each other. We are planning to get married this year which would only be of interest to many who know me purely for the shock value! We will probably get married wearing jeans at our local registry office so there are no wedding dresses to make, suits to hire, venues to book or even stationery to design.

So what will I write about? Maybe my business and the pitfalls I find small business owners face? Maybe my designs, products and finished goods? Maybe I could comment on how my illness affects my everyday living...but that would be a touch depressing which is not me at all. Perhaps it would be better to write about obstacles it creates and how I get around them?

There, it's settled.

My blog will be about me, as a small business owner with a chronic illness.

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