Friday, 23 October 2009

Mixed craft buttons in a tub

I love buttons - in case you haven't noticed.

I started Kay Dees Crafts because of buttons. Many moons ago I used to design and make cushions. I needed some ribbon and buttons to add finishing touches and was disappointed in the ranges available. So I went off foraging for something different.

I don't recall anything specific in my early years that got me hooked on craft buttons but I do remember rummaging about in old tins full of different buttons.

Although these smart clear tubs aren't quite 'granny's button tins' they are full of buttons in various shapes and sizes. I was quite tempted to have one of each colour just to sit on my shelf above my desk!

We have 7 different colour schemes to choose from from funky yellow and orange to the dramatic black and white.

I get many emails about our button ranges but the very best ones are when people write in to tell us what they are doing with their buttons.

I am hoping to get some photographs soon from our customers who have jazzed up Tshirts, done a mosaic table top or made some funky earrings using buttons they bought from us at Kay Dees Crafts.

Keep the emails coming peeps - and get out your cameras for us to see the end results too!

Happy Crafting!

PS Don't forget our Christmas competition - closing date is 31st October.

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