Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Thank goodness for that!

It is finally over - stocktake that is :-)

What a nightmare. My husband, who has the patience of a saint, spent most of the weekend helping me count, stay sane and organise our stock for the end of the financial year. Tough task at the best of times but add that, a busy weekend of sales and a lass with fibromyalgia and you have a mountainous task. Dean kept me focused, calmed my fears of 'I have lost a box full of xxx', reassured me I was not going mad when I simply could not add up and kept me in take away food!

I have a lot of stock that I want rid of to free my 'shelves' up for some fantastic new ranges I have seen over in USA and I have promised myself that I will not buy until some of it has gone. So I have had a mad price blitz on some basic crafting items:

Just a sample of stock now reduced in price to make way for new, exciting ranges.


Well now that is finished I need to start thinkng about my tax return........hmmmm there is always tomorrow for that!!

Happy Crafting!

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