Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Kay Dees Crafts on facebook......

...I think

Kay Dees Crafts on Facebook
I had asked the help of a teenager to get us onto Facebook, but said teenager now has a new puppy so has much more important things to do! (Charlotte hope the training is still going great for you both)

Finding the time to do blog posts is really hard and I have found they have become more like adverts than anything else. Not what I planned at all. Having had a dig around on Facebook we have found it appears to be an expanded Twitter and a condensed blog rolled into one that is more user friendly and interactive......... Hoping that short and simple links to new products, discussions and fan photos will be quicker and easier to manage.

Yes we said fan photos. I have had quite a few emails from crafters that we link our blog to. We ask for photos and a brief description but as we well know time is of the essence. Hopefully people will use the Facebook page to show off their designs, ask us questions and enquire about new stock lines they are hoping to find.

We have 4 fans on facebook at the moment (and I am one of them) so please become a fan of Kay Dees Crafts on Facebook.......
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