Thursday, 22 April 2010

Papermania Capsule Collection

New Papermania Capsule Collection mini buttons. Yes I know - more buttons!

These buttons are fab and I am delighted to add them to our range of craft buttons.

The mini buttons come in the Capsule Collection shades of Red Hot, Aqua, Verde, Sunshine, Heather and Monochrome. Available as full colour buttons or polka dots.

The colours come in packs of 100 and the polka dots come in packs of 60 - fantastic value for money.

These buttons are approx 7mm and are perfect for cardmaking, scrapbooking, sewing and quilting projects.

Hopefully we will have the full Capsule Collection range at Kay Dees Crafts very soon! Particularly looking forward to seeing the ribbon packs and ribbon bows.

The only thing that I am not impressed with is the amount of packaging these mini buttons come in. The majority of the packaging is plastic which is not recycleable. I know the capsule bit is the name of the range and it is very eye catching - but it is excessive. Reminds me of the oodles of packaging Easter Eggs come in. You can open and reclose the capsule when you are using the buttons, which is handy, but it really could have been half the size it is.

Unusual for me to criticise a new range but I suppose I have got used to the minimal, but perfectly adequate, packaging our buttons usually arrives in.

Happy Crafting!

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