Wednesday, 25 February 2009

All hands at the helm!


Building the first Kay Dees was hard work, but I only had about 200 products then. With over 900 lines now this new site is hard work. I have no FTP access so everything is having to be added individually.

Dean has got the ironing board out...not to do the huge pile of ironing we have, but to package our papers and wrap ribbons for our customer orders. My son Robert is busy doing household chores, which at almost 21 you would think was no severe hardship.

The dogs are now used to getting their walk after we have dropped the mail off at the sorting office.
I however feel like the PC has become a part of me! Dean is convinced that if it wasn't for the dogs I would actually morph into the computer - bless him!

My dad emailed today (Hi dad x) and I am waiting with baited breath for his opinion on the new site. He, being the father of just one daughter, thinks it is all wonderful which is always good to hear :-)

Everyday I realise how lucky I am to have such a wonderful family. Without their help and support I would never have got this far...nor go any further.

I am currently listing our Funky Brads, not many of those thankfully. But then I have to get down to listing our craft buttons. With over 150 different designs of all shapes, colours and sizes that bit will take some time.

Thanks also to all our regular buyers for putting up with our change over - your support and encouragement keeps us all going here at Kay Dees Crafts!

So think of me whilst you are enjoying your martini's and Happy Crafting!


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